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assistant application - fireman17

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IGN: fireman17


AGE: 19, 20 in 2 weeks

TIMEZONE: West Cast North America

WHY DID I DEICDE TO APPLY FOR STAFF: I want to show my support for the server but making a conscious effort to help it and more importantly the players, I know how the new people get treated and I want to be there too be there voice and help them. 

WHAT IS MY RELATIONSHIP WITH CURRENT STAFF MEMBERS: I knew Adam and Dylan for a long time and consider them friends and Beast is my dad.

HAVE I EVER HAD FIGHTS WITH CURRENT STAFF MEMBERS: I mean I always kill Dylan at edge but that's about it.

DO I LIKE THE CURRENT STAFF MEMBERS: nah, not really... I love them

HAVE I EVER BEEN STAFF ON ANOTHER SERVER: I was moderator on pwnxile like 6-7 years ago or something like that. long been shut down.

WHEN DID I FIRST JOIN BEASTPK: 2-3 years ago don't know exact date

AM I PLANNING ON STAYING ON BEASTPK FOR ATLEAST 6 MONTHS: I don't see me leaving anytime soon and I enjoy the new faces on the server

IF MY BANK WAS 1T AND I GET CLEANED, WOULD I QUIT: of course not, I get cleaned over 1t 3 times a day but still stayed.


WHAT ARE MY INTENTIONS AS STAFF MEMBERS: too spend most of my time online helping the players and make my way up in the staff ranks until one day i'm a administrator 

IN NO LESS THEN 3 SENTENCES WHY SHOULD I BE ADDED AS PART OF THE STAFF TEAM: I would be an amazing help to the new players. I would take care of most of the tickets when I'm online so admins aren't bothered by them. I am an familiar and well known face that people know and somewhat trust.

TELL ME A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF: I am currently in active duty service in the United States Air Forces as a Security Forces member. currently stationed in Utah and I been playing rsps since I was in middle school. started playing runescape when I was in 4th grade but when I found out about private servers then I knew what I wanted to play more....hated grinding too long on skills. 

A PLAYER SAYS HE HAS BEEN SCAMMED, WHAT DO I DO: I would talk to the player and ask how he scammed him and what proof he has. tell him to make an forums post about it and then if the proof is solid I would jail the offender for 2 weeks

YOUR FRIEND IS ONLINE AND BREAKING A RULE, WHAT DO I DO: I don't treat him any differently and depending on the rule he broke is what punishment he will receive

THERE'S AN ARGUEMENT OVER YELL AND ITS GETTING OUT OF HAND, WHAT DO I DO: I give both players a warning to take it out of yell and if someone continues then they receive a 24 hour mute.

A PLAYER IS NEEDING ASSISTANCE WITH THINGS I DONT HAVE ACCESS TOO, TOO ASSIST THEM WHAT DO I DO: If I am unable to help the player then I would go up the chain and ask an administrator to help me assist them and take care of there needs.

YOUR FRIEND IS GETTING INTO AN ARUGMENT OVER YELL AND IT GETS OUT OF HAND, WHAT DO I DO: I give both players a warning and if any of them continue then they shall receive an 24 hour mute.


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-1 Couldint even pay attention to your dh tournament first fight was me (itsatrap) vs (zoobie) I won but you put me down as a loss. If you cant pay attention to the tournament I don't think you would be good for staff.

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