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Beastpk Update Log #40 (Major)

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-Player Owned Shops:-
 Beastpk is introducing 'Player Owned Shops', Pretty much POS was a community demand, now it's here.
 POS is a billz bags dependant system meaning that the least value is 1b.
 Now you can offer your items for sale and all players will be able to view and buy them.



-New custom VIP Zone for VIP Donators:-
 The old VIP zone wasn't good and was kinda small, now we added a new custom made VIP zone.
 You can skill, pvm and even chill in the new zone


-Regular and Super mystery box:-
 Beastpk is introducing Regualr and Super Mystery boxes With custom interfaces when opening them. They are obtainable through ;;store


-Reworked the spawn gear (;;gear):-
 We have reworked the ;;gear setups and added custom interfaces to it.


-Fixed Pk Bots:-
 Pk bots are fixed now and work fine.
 They come in melee, range and mage. There's a rare chance a rare bot comes along with good gear.
Rewards range from upgraded gear to high end gear.
So make sure to snipe those!

The current spawn rate for bots will be 1 per 20 players.


-Added new type of claws:-
 Beastpk is introducing new type of claws with custom special attack.
 spec stuns a player for 1-5 seconds, has 4 specs, also has a chance of 1/10 to decrease targets special attack by 25%.
The claws are obtainable through redeems store.



-Added new Sigil:-
 New sigils are obtainable through Corp and l33t corp.
 You use the sigil on regular dragon claws to make Wicked Claws.



-Bug Fixes & Additions:-
 *Fixed heirlooms being lost on death.All heirlooms are now protected on death.
 *Fixed resetting your capped xp (500m) in combat levels.
 *Added bot points in my info tab.
 *Added toxic crossbow to Blink drops.
 *Added Giant Orc, Frost dragon, Dark beast to PVM Hiscores.
 *Now says your killcount upon killing a Dark Beast.
 *Now will yell when you get an heirloom drop.
 *Tormented beasts are now in the wilderness.
 *Available to convert Tormented Beast slayer task to a wildy task.
 *PVM Melee Package in ;;store will now have Arclight defender instead of Tormented spirit shield.
 *Removed the option to donate for crate keys
 *Made several npcs visible on map.
 *Added neon pieces to vorago drop table.


-Nerfed/buffed items:-
 *Nerfed doomed claws.
 *Nerfed Loot Bag drop rate.
 *Blue Octo slightly nerfed on enchanted chests.
 *Nerfed Tormented weapons in wilderness.
 *Doomed pieces and claws have been nerfed from l33t corp.
 *Tormented weapons drop rates have been slightly nerfed.
 *Buffed Tormented Beast hp.
 *buffed the Toxic crossbow special attack.
 *Elder Maul special from 60% to 50%.
 *Decreased spawn time for kbd and zamorak boss.

-Items deleted/reseted:-
 *Tormented weapons have been reset.
 *Tormented Spirit Shield has been deleted from the game.
 *Ascencion crossbow has been removed from the game.
 *Doomed spirit shield has been deleted from the game.


- Assistant rank
We've added the assistant rank to help with the work load of other staff members. (Apply on forums)

Special thanks to swagtastic & the staff team for providing content ideas.

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