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New Update #40 major

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Tankedbro    22

Would like to start off with great work @Beast and @adam thank you !  The new update is great cant wait for the next one ! 

with the player owned shop is it possible to set a min max price for each item , to stop people abusing the 100b limit ? Im guessing this would require constant supervision which would be hard but people should get a warning for trolling the shop then jail , selling a bucket for 500b cash for example ? it would just take a staff members 2 mins each day too check the shop make sure people are not abusing it , all the fake offers in shop make it hard to find the legitimate sales and makes it look messy

with the items on the store i think the prices need adjusting for certain things :blue octo got nerfed but its still $15 maybe make it like $10?  some other items i think need price adjusting , toxic crossbow, 

darklord set ,

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