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Player of The Month

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Greetings community!

To spike up some enthusiasm within the community, we've decided to introduce something very special.  This special thing is "POTM / Player Of The Month". 

How does this work?:
Every month the staff team will pick out one player to be given this title, and the crowned winner will receive some beneficial rewards! 

How do you pick the winner?:
The staff team will keep an eye out every day for a month for a player who has shown a rather interest towards one or more of these topics:

  • Helping
    A player who has shown interest within helping the community, is always very nice,  thus making this one of the few things we'll look for.
  • Kindness
    If you're a kind and overall happy person, then you're in luck! Because we will also look for nice people, because why would we give rude players rewards?
  • Activity
    We will also be judging players by how active they are! Both on the forum and the server.

Those 3 topics are what we'll look for in a POTM. 
At the end of the month we'll bring up numerous people we believe deserve to be crowned, and eventually we'll choose a winner by the start of the next month.

How do I know if I'm qualified to join?:
Everyone is eligible to join the event, and it's nothing that you sign up for. However there are things that makes you disqualified from the competition itself, and that's by doing the exact opposite of the 3 topics aforementioned. 

  • Rule-Breaking:
    If you've somehow ended up breaking a rule, then you'll be automatically disqualified from the competition. As we do not believe rule-breakers should be rewarded whatsoever. If you've done this, you'll have to wait for the next month to have a chance again. 
  • Toxicity:
    Being extremely rude and insensitive, this makes you disqualified as well. Why would we reward people that only wants to cause trouble?

If you've done either one of these two things, you'll know whether or not you are able to become the chosen one. A staff member will not directly tell someone if they're qualified or not, unless they've been asked to. 

Benefits of becoming the POTM:
Of course you'll be rewarded! If you've won the title, you'll be given more bonuses / extra chances at winning on the weekly Saturday events! This are the beneficial things from being POTM during the Saturday events:

  • Team VS Team
    If this event happens, you'll be the team captain for one team, and if you don't want to, you're free to pick someone else. 
  • Hide and Seek/Anagrams/Trivia/Goodiebag/Infected/God-mode
    If these event happens, you'll be given an extra prize or x2 tries at the goodie bag.
  • Other Events
    If other events than the ones mentioned would happen, you'll be told the benefits there. 

Alongside with that, if you win POTM and are interested to become a staff member, you're in luck! By winning this title, you'll have better chances of becoming a staff member in the future! As really, what we look for in POTM's is exactly what we look for in our staff members! 


The first POTM will be announced May 1st, 2018!

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