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Weekly Saturday Events 04/08/18

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Saturday Event 04/08/18

More players, more rewards! 

Last Man Standing Event: 

Using spawnable DH gear with inventory full off supplies of your choice, who survives... WINS!

beastpk.PNG.bfd22910a5bbaad43cd89d12b1913ed1.PNG   1st place reward!

Capture.PNG.cd5b3eecb7a0afa798bf914eaa132244.PNG  2nd place reward!

Trivia event: 

Staff team will yell questions, whoever give out answer first... WINS! (answers will be taken from yell and friends chat 'beast')

Hide and Seek event:

Staff will yell hints for the selected location, first to find location... WINS!

fas.PNG.028426aca4d21a51b8dc57a03f26822c.PNG  Goodie bag for trivia and H&S winners!(winner chooses number from 1-12)


NOTE:- Event will take place 04/08/18 at 8:00 GMT time!

Best of luck to everyone!


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