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Weekly Saturday Events 11/08/18

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Saturday events 11/08/18

#1 - DH-tourney! 

There will be a big dharok tournamet with juicy prizes. We need 20 participants as minimum.

Rules:- Only allowed to use the basic dharok set up (;;gear>>dharok) with regular dragon claws as special attack weapon.
                 Not allowed to use Karambwan.
                 Not allowed to use ring i or goliath or steadfast boots.
                 Three Sara Brews maximum.

gfgfgfg.PNG.9256963f48aa1f0e7d6876f0214d0692.PNG  1st place reward!

fdfdfdfdfdf.PNG.77759572e9eaa25197972b57df1f6b18.PNG  2nd place reward!

Special thanks to 'Arasta' for donating  DH-tourney prizes!

#2 - Forum giveaway!

We will be hosting forum giveaway, make sure to  Comment your in-game name under the post!

Rules:-  You're allowed to comment only 1 time!
                    4 winners will be announced on Saturday when the #1 event is over!
                    Every winner will get to choose 3 numbers from 1-12 for 3 juicy items!

   fasfdfddfdffd.PNG.afbc8279b7c21aabe68e5fc9ca4e3daa.PNG  Note:- Items won't be in that order when winners are choosing!

Note:- Event will take place on Saturday 11/08/18 at 8:00PM GMT! Make sure to be there!

- BeastPk staff team


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1st winner : Evnal!

2nd winner : Lilkush!

3rd winner : 8!

4th winner : pking 77!

Thanks for joining the giveaway, will do more of them in the future! 


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