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Beastpk Update Log #42 (Major)

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+ Elemental Heirloom

When you have obtained all lvl 5 heirlooms, you can use those on eachother to upgrade it to an elemental heirloom.
The elemental heirloom has all the lvl 5 heirlooms combined in to one.
You can level up your elemental heirloom to lvl 5 as well. It will be very costly though!


    - lvl 1/2.5%
    - lvl 2/3.0%
    - lvl 3/3.5%
    - lvl 4/4.0%
    - lvl 5/5.0%

+ Twisted Bow (Obtainable from Webstore)

Best in-slot range PvP weapon. Special attack will stun a player for 2.5 seconds. And has a 50% chance on healing the player 250 hitpoints/20% chance on healing 300 hitpoints.
It will also drain the targets defence level up to 10.

+ Kodai Wand

New best in-slot magic weapon. It increases the freeze timer of any freeze spell by 15%.

+ New Mystery Boxes
  - Elemental Mystery Box
    The Elemental mystery box will give you a rare everytime and a better chance at super rares.

  - Legendary Mystery Box 
    The legendary mystery box will give you a rare almost everytime you open it.

+ Pet Box

You can now purchase a pet box from the website store. It will always give you a boss pet.

+ Daily Chest

We've decided to rework the daily chest you obtain from the daily challenges.
It now has the same interface as the mystery boxes. It also has more items in it. Now it's for sure worth it to do your daillies!

+ Achievement Shop

You're now able to spend your achievement points at home, near the lastman standing npc.

+ Lastman Standing

The free queue will now give you 1 billion gp instead of 07gp. On weekends you will receive 2 billion gp.

+ Trivia Points Reward Revamp

You will now receive rewards up to 2.000 trivia points. On numbers 500, 1.000, 1.500 and 2.000 you will receive a rare reward.

+ Webstore Changes

  - Elemental Mystery Box
  - Legendary Mystery Box
  - Elemental lvl 1
  - Twisted Bow
  - Elder Maul from 125$ to 100$
  - Fluressence from 150$ to 125$
  - Toxic blowpipe from 87.50 to 50$
  - Heavy Ballista from 50$ to 25$
  - Solari from 167 to 150$

+ Drop Table & Monster Changes

  - K'ril Tsutaroth now drops third-age melee set.
  - K'ril Tsutaroth now drops kodai wand.
  - Revenants drop table has been revamped. (Good money making method)
  - There's now a 1% chance to receive a billz bag from any monster in Beastpk.
  - Added more Evil Chickens to the chickens spot.
  - Barrelchest now weak to slash/crush/stab.
  - Barrelchest hitpoints from 20k down to 15K.

+ Bugfixes & Additions

  - Increased the VIP droprate from 0.25 to 0.50%.
  - Updated the PvM hiscores to add barrelchest and earthbreaker.
  - Fixed the home teleport in spellbook.
  - Added a few more ;;ticket server messages to make using ;;ticket more known.
  - You can now use bonfire for wood burner achievements.
  - Removed the "Donator" from yell and login messages.
  - Added harpoon to fishing shop.
  - Added Blink killcount. (Wasn't aware it didn't have a killcount)
  - Disabled adding infernal max/trimmed to player owned shops.
  - Ourg bones now gives you more xp if you sacrifice it, rather than burying it.
  - Added the trimmed completionist cape right click features to the infernal trimmed cape.
  - Fixed the 500M xp reset first dialogue. (Was very tired when I first added it)


We've removed the lite effect on chaotic staff. We'll come up with a way to make chaotic staff lite useful.

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