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Update Log #43 (New Bosses, New Custom Weapons & More!)

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+ Tormented the Warmonger

It's about time we added a new boss on beastpk! 
Tormented the Warmonger is very strong. He attacks with melee and mage, though he's weak to mage as well.
You are able to kill him right away, there are no requirements.

It also drops new juicy items! Find out more later in this update log.

In order to keep your completionist cape (trimmed) you need to kill tormented the warmonger a thousand times!

+ Tormented Blowpipe & Tormented Staff (Available at www.beastpk.com/store.php)

Yes! Finally! Tormented were only on melee weapons thus making you have to choose for melee setups.
You now have more choice to spec in to a different set up.

Tormented blowpipe & staff have a 40% chance at hitting twice. It is also available in the wilderness, though I wouldn't risk it!
These items are recommended for player vs monsters. Tormented staff is good at zstorm as well.

Tormented Blowpipe and staff are obtainable through Tormented the Warmonger. 

+ Elemental Shoulder Pets (Available at www.beastpk.com/store.php)

We haven't had a change in shoulder pets for a while now. We decided to add 3 new pets that are completely different to the usual ones.
We're glad to introduce these 3 new shoulder pets! (They look awesome)
These pets are tiered from worst to best. Here are the specifics.

- Elemental Snail (Droprate: 0.5%, When below 850 Hitpoints, randomly heals between 100-120, restores run energy and has extremely good overall stats)
- Elemental Golem (Droprate: 0.75%, When below 820 Hitpoints, randomly heals between 100-150, restores run energy and has extremely good overall stats)
- Elemental Hellcat (Droprate: 1.25%, When below 800 Hitpoints, randomly heals between 100-200, restores run energy and has extremely good overall stats)

Yes, these pets also have attack, defence, strength, ranged str, magic bonuses.

We will probably add more benefits to these shoulder pets as we update more.

+ Uber Rank (Total Spent in Webstore: $1500)

We decided to add a new in-game rank. This rank is only obtainable by spending a total of $1500 in the webstore.
This rank has all other rank benefits, but way better. It also has an increase in droprate by 1%!
To claim this rank send me a private message on discord at Bennie#8189

+ Lucien the Elite

Lucien the Elite is a new group boss that spawns every 5 hours. It has very good drops and all have a very high drop rate percentage.
You can also get super rares from lucien, such as fluressence, elder maul, abyssal whip brutal ice and more!
It has 5 spawns in the wilderness. Keep notice of the chatbox. It will be announced when it spawns.
Lucien spawns 1 hour after every server restart. After it spawns every 5 hours.

+ Zstorm & Green shoulder pets

We've decided to give the green shoulder pets a use by increasing the amount of shillings you get from killing zombies at zstorm.
Though with this buff we've slightly nerfed the amount of shillings you receive when killing zombies without a green pet.

+ General Changes & Buffs

- Made it so the trimmed infernal cape has the completionist cape features.
- Gave the trimmed infernal cape same benefits as the completionist cape (trimmed).
- Removed the revenant pyrefriends from fremmenik dungeon.
- Made it so the twisted bow is now 2 handed instead of 1.
- The wilderness spot at eartbreaker has been fixed.
- Decreased the amount zstorm shillings you get from killing zombies at ;;zstorm
- Deleted Chaotic staff (lite) and chaotic staff (undeg) from the game.
- Added Barrelchest instance for 100m coins.
- Renamed Beastpk Elite to Lucien the Elite.
- Fixed a bug where you couldn't take out shoulder pet from the equipment interface.
- Added Tormented the Warmonger pet.
- Added Lucien the elite pet.
- Fixed in-game rank display on the task tab.
- Removed the excess use of crowns in yell.
- Added earth-dweller HP increase (same as nex) (helm, chest, legs)
- Added sky-dweller hp increase better than nex (helm, chest, legs)
- Slight buff to the toxic crossbow special attack.
- Added the new pets to the pet box in webstore.

+ Webstore (New Promotion Deals at: http://www.beastpk.com/dealsinfo.php)

- Added the new pets to the pet box in webstore.
- Elemental shoulder pets availabe in the webstore.
- Tormented Blowpipe & Tormented Staff available in the webstore.
- Toxic Crossbow has been webstore price has been changed from $75 to $40.
http://www.beastpk.com/dealsinfo.php We have added new promotion deals for amount spent in webstore.
http://www.beastpk.com/rankbenefits.php Added a new section for rank benefits.
http://www.beastpk.com/custominfo.php Added a new section giving information for custom made items.

+ #customauction

#customauction We sold a custom shoulder pet! This shoulder pet has the same stats as an elemental lvl 1 + more attack bonuses, increased drop rate (2%), tormented effect (Which is able to go with another tormented weapon, making you able to hit 4 times!) and better elemental pets benefits.
If you're interested in a #custom item made specifically for you!

Join our discord: https://discord.gg/cxt5zJP for our next #customauction.

Note: These items are only sold once. And will never be re-sold again.

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message on discord at Bennie#8189

Thank you all! Hope you enjoy the update!

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