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name in the game: Eike Batista who
you are applying: brazilian assistant

Why did you decide to join the team: because I am a player with enough experience in the game and I want to be able to share this experience with other players, especially Brazilians

What is your relationship with the current team members? Well, in the beginning our coexistence was not so good because I fought a lot with them for whatever reason, but now I become friends with almost everyone and I am very happy to have them as my friends <3

Have you ever had a fight with the current team members? Yes as I said in the answer above, yes I have already fought with them, but today I have peace with everyone and I realized that every time they punished me it was because I was really wrong! and learned from my mistakes and changed :)

Do you like the current members of the team ?: Everyone I know today I like everyone

Have you ever been an employee of another server? [Owner does not count]: I already was yes in other Brazilian servers and I was fan, but only game bullshit

When did you join Beastpk?: I joined beast pk from 1 year and 8 months ago.

Do you plan to stay in Peastpk for at least 6 months ?: If it depends on me, I will play this game all my life!

Let's say your bank is 1t and you're clean, are you going to quit the game ?: Of course not! I play the game, so I have fun and I help my friends and players not stop playing because of the money

Have you ever been banned in beasts, other servants ?: yes I was banished once again not for long was it maximum 24 hours

If so, what are you banned from ?: rwt

What is your intention as a team member? : to help my Brazilian friends and other new beast players

Please, in no less than 3 phrases, explain why you would be a smart choice to be added: I am experienced and a very smart player.

as part of the team: I promise to help all players, especially Brazilians, because they have no Brazilian team in the game and it is difficult to understand them, I promise to help with all the questions and what the player needs

Tell us a little more about yourself: well, my name is jonathan. I am 19 years old and beast game for almost two years and I am an experienced player in the current game!

What would you do :

1. A player says he was cheated; What do you do? : good as an assistant my obligation is to trigger by skype or discord or some means of communication unleash a supporter, moderator, adm, urgently.

2. Your friend is online and they are breaking a rule; What do you do? first warning you can not do!
and if he keeps doing this I'll tell the staff so he can have the punishment he should!

3. Is there a discussion about the scream and what will you do out of control? I speak to stop talking to the scream and if I continue to stay in private, no one is required to see the discussions of others.

4. A player is in need of help with things you do not have access to, to help them, what do you do? I'm looking for another assistant or part of the team to help me, or I try to get to know the tanbem because as an assistant I have to know everything about the game!

5. Your friend is having a discussion about the scream and gets out of control, what will you do? I fight with my friend and tell him to ignore the person because the fights are not good.


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