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Update Log #44 (QOL, Custom Items & More)

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+ The Bloodchiller

The Bloodchiller is the newest boss addition to Beastpk. It's generally the same as tormented the warmonger, the difference is that the main attack of bloodchiller is Magic.
Bloodchiller is also weak against range and mage. And you'll often be frozen, so distance attacks are recommended.
Its super rare drops are Tormented Bow and Shield.


+ Tormented Demons

Slight change to tormented demons, it now drops the Tormented Wings.
It has a 75% x2 hit chance, and is the best melee in-slot wings.



+ New Tormented Items

- Tormented shield (loyalty) renamed to loyalty shield
- Loyalty shield value from 1500gp to 1b
- Tormented shield to have 60% x2 hit chance


- Tormented shield now the best in-slot shield for defenses.
- Tormented bow has x2 hit chance.


- Tormented bow has same special attack as twisted bow.
- Tormented bow draws 60% special attack charge.
- Tormented wings now best in-slot melee stats.
- Tormented wings now gives you 75% x2 chance, almost every hit will x2.

+ Bugfixes & Additions

- Fixed getting a busked mask from an antipoison flask (3)
- Removed Chaotic staff undeg from redeems store.
- Fixed the Sell price of ZStorm Items to shopkeeper.
- Fixed when a new trimmed requirement is added, your infernal cape will no longer disappear, but instead be sent to your bank.
- Able to sell korasi's sword to the shopkeeper. And other items that weren't sellable at first.
- Thieving NPC now has a thieving shop, where you can sell your materials.
- New Trivia Rewards added to Trivia Benefits interface.
- 2000 Trivia Points will now reward you with an Elite Nex Set, instead of an elite torva set. You'll be able to choose elite set.
- Added Skilling supplies shop to Smithing NPC next to furnace at skilling.
- Added a command to check if a staff member is online at ;;staff
- Buffed the prices of Wilderness Skilling Shop. (Everything is way cheaper now.) ;;banditcamp
- Added 3 Evil chickens at ;;dzone
- Added a few more evil chickens at ;;vipzone
- Added Demonic Gorilla pet to demonic drop table.
- You mine Runite/Blurite ores faster.
- Added EarthBreaker Instance for 1B.
- Added Tormented the Warmonger instance for 1B.
- Added Bloodchiller Instance for 1B.
- Blood chiller trimmed requirement 1k kills.
- Added new bosses to the pvm hiscores
- Added Senior Moderator Rank.

+ Ironman

- Ironman being able to use the playerowned shops has been disabled.
- Ironman being able to gamble other players have been disabled.
- Ironman has an extra 0.5% drop rate.

More Ironman changes will be added soon.

+ Webstore

- Infernal from $100 to $75
- Tormented Shield
- Tormented Bow
- Tormented Wings

+ Trade Price Changes

- Sky-Dweller 250M per piece
- Tormented Rapier/Whip/Longsword/Blowpipe 250m
- Doomed claws 125m
- Chaotic longsword undeg 75m
- Illuminessence 500m
- Beasty Wings (fire/Ice) 110m
- Beasty Wings 100m
- Fluressence 750m
- Elite nex pieces 75m
- Razor whip 25m


This is just a small update log, we'll have an update out later this week, releasing our new Group/Solo mini-game.

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