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A shop to get rid of all the item overflow(?)

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So, I am thinking of an idea where A NPC with decided values for different items in cash could be traded. 


So for example, you may trade in a full set of elite torva, and for Exchange you get like 10-15b cash, Etc.  (Prices will have to be decided by the staff team ofcourse.) 

And you may ask yourself about cash becoming a problem if so? Well, we did create heirlooms to keep the majority of the cash flow out of the game (right?). In that way we will be able to get a item sink, aswell as a Money sink into the game. 


That was really quickly how it would work, if people like the idea then I could explain further. Cause I myself feel like the problem at the moment is the items, nothing is Selling due to all people got to offer is items vs items which is useless. A item sink would solve the problem in some ways atleast, I don't know if that's something that will be able to get into the game but it would really be a good thing I Think.


Take Care, Ipottt.

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Yea, I mean. Talked to Pete aswell as some other guys and discussed if I really should take this into discussion on forums. But I really feel like we need some type of "item Sink" Atleast so steady out the prices. It will also be a good starter for new people which grinds the lower kind of bosses like chicken/flamebeed etc.  The items which drops there is for a fact no one buying sadly. That way they can earn some Billz bags (beside the random drops which appears sometimes to drop), so they can buy stuff for Cash ingame instead, which in that way can get them to enjoy the server more by being a part of the trading system aswell. 



I don't know but that's my opinion on it. :)

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