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Update Log #45 (Crystalite, New Customs & More!)

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+ Crystalite Gargoyle

A new monster that has never been seen before. To obtain the new set of weapons, you must kill Crystalite Gargoyle.
It is recommended to kill Crystalite with a stab weapon. Other styles of combat, may not work that well.
To access Crystalite enter the crystalite lair at the slayer cave. Though you need 99 slayer to be able to hit Crystalite.
You're also able to receive crystalite as a slayer task, through Kuradel slayer master. You can also turn crystalite in to a wilderness task, though it's in deep wilderness. (Directly West of Agility Arena lvl 56 Wilderness.)

Crystalite Gargoyle has been added to the completionist cape (trimmed) requirement list.

+ New Beginner Monster: Gulega

New player didn't have many option when it came to starter bossing. So we've added beginner monsters to kill, for easy money making! 
The new monster is called "Gulega", and is available in the PvM Teleports.

It mostly drops items with high coin value, able to sell at the shopkeeper.

Gulega has also been added as a new task for completionist cape. See the cape at home or at skilling for more information.

+ Crystallic Weapons (Available in the webstore at www.beastpk.com/store.php)

New addition of weapons, these weapons are almost the same as tormented, but stronger and has the ability to hit three times with a 50% chance.

+ New Heirloom Levels!

Heirloom hasn't received an update in a while! We've decided to introduce 5 more levels to the Elemental Heirloom!

Elemental level 6 - 6% Droprate
Elemental level 7 - 7% Droprate
Elemental level 8 - 8% Droprate
Elemental level 9 - 9% Droprate
Elemental level 10 - 10% Droprate

Upon spending $1000 in webstore or on getting a custom item worth $1000 you will receive a free Elemental Level 5.
(Christmas only event)

+ Additions & Changes

- Added The bloodchiller pet.
- Added Crystalite gargoyle pet.
- Added the new pets to the pet box.
- Buffed the tormented weapons drop rate on tormented beasts.
- All tormented demon versions now drop tormented wings.
- Fixed issue with PvM Hiscores not displaying new npcs that were added recently.
- Lowered the amount to upgrade throughout elemental levels.

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