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DH-Tourney 13/01/19

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DH-Tourney 13/01/19

*Event will be hosted by 'Cheezmo', if you have any questions feel free to pm me!*

Lucky comment will win 50b in ca$h, make sure to leave your IGN below!

Rules:- Only allowed to use the basic dharok set up (;;gear>>dharok) with regular dragon claws as special attack weapon.

                 Not allowed to use Karambwan.
                 Not allowed to use ring i or goliath or steadfast boots.   
                 Not allowed to use heirlooms.
                 Three Sara Brews maximum.

        Note:- Equipment will be checked by staff team before fights, breaking rules will be instant DQ!

image.png.86dfb356b879bd6a6a51e4cd9920b92f.png 1st place prize!

image.png.a5ae7af660b4275359a7764e0c9e07f5.png 2nd place prize!

Event will take place at 8:00PM GMT time!

If enough interest will be shown in the next few DH-tourneys, we'll consider hosting them weekly again!

- staff team

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