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Ingame Name:feiron
Rank you're applying for: assistant.


Timezone: jerusalem.
Why did you decide to apply for staff?:i decided to help out player because i'am experienced at the game.

What is your relationship with the current staff members:excellent.
Have you ever had fights with current staff members?:no and it will never happen.

Do you like the current staff members?:yes.
Have you ever been staff on another server? [Owner doesn't count]:no.
When did you first join Beastpk?:i don't know which month but i joined in 2017
Are you planning to stay on beastpk for at least 6 months?:yes i will .

Lets say your bank is 1t and you get cleaned, will you quit the game?:no,i would rebuild
Have you ever been banned on beastpk, other servers?:no.
If so what were you banned for?: 

What is your intention as a staff member? :to help all the player who don't know the game well to experience it.

Please in no less than 3 sentences explain why you would be a smart choice to be added.

as a part of the staff team:will sence i play beastpk and active 5-6days a week   i decided to help out all the player in need.

Tell us a little more about yourself:my name is omree  i live in israel i'am almost 17 years we have a bakery and i love playing games .


What would you do? :


1. A player say's that they have been scammed; what do you do? ask him if he have any proof of their lost items  and get into contact to the one who scammed the other guy.

2. Your friend is online and they are breaking a rule; What do you do? he will be treated as all the players will.

3. There's an argument over yell and its gets out of hand what will you do?i would tell them to stop and give them a warning if they continued they will be punished.

4. A player is needing assistance with things you do not have access to, to assist them what do you do?i would ask a higher staff about that in forums or pm

5. Your friend is having an argument over yell and it gets out of hand, what will you do? as i said everyone will be treated the same


It would also help if you included a screenshot of your time played like so:21-16-50.png.868b9cb9a44ba2f164462ebc4befd59c.png

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